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I absolutely love my Thermomix ®

I often call it my very own apprentice that would never miss the temperature. It is a combination of precision, consistency, speed, and automation.

Christy Tania - Chef/Owner of GLACÉ

Our Thermomix ® was the first kitchen appliance we ever bought.

Little did we know that this little machine would not only change the way we cook, it would also help to change our lives.

Alice Zaslavsky - Cook, Children's author

I've used Thermomix ® for years, both at home and in my restaurants.

The precise temperature and speed settings allow me to be in complete control, even when creating delicate mousses and emulsions.

George Calombaris - Chef, MasterChef Judge

My Thermomix ® is like having an apprentice chef in the kitchen.

Yes, it sounds a bit odd, but it’s like having an extra pair of hands that chops, purées, kneads, stirs and cooks while I’m off doing other things in the kitchen, and it doesn’t answer back!

Russell Blaikie - Chef
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