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Cooking Classes

When you have one of the world’s most powerful kitchen appliances, you will, of course, want to use it to it's full potential. Our mission is to make fast, easy and creative cooking available to everyone. As part of our 5-star service, we now offer a free class for new customers where you’ll learn even more about the amazing things you can achieve with Thermomix®!


On this First Class With Thermomix ®, our expert Advisors will guide you through delicious recipes, specifically designed to teach you more about all the functions of your Thermomix ®. You’ll get to taste the recipes along the way as well as take home a complimentary recipe booklet, so that you can try out each of the dishes at home and thoroughly impress your friends and family with your new Thermomix ® skills!

We hope you’ll enjoy learning everything your new kitchen marvel is capable of. You’ll also have the chance to ask any questions you might have and get some more time with our Advisors to make the most of their knowledge.

Places are free, located in Hanoi. If you’d like to attend a class, please contact your Advisor directly, who will be able to tell you the next available date.


Thermomix ® cooking classes will inspire you to use your Thermomix ® every day to its full potential. Together we explore the huge recipe variety and you can also learn from our Advisors’ vast experience. Classes are specifically designed for cooking with your Thermomix ® and offer a friendly environment. You’ll discover new and exciting ways to use your Thermomix ® and these classes are not only a great way to learn about fresh new recipe ideas, but are also a great way to meet like-minded people and share ideas within the Thermomix ® culinary community.