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Your benefits


Parents re-entering the workforce are valued: We at Modern Cook place a high value on skills learned in the domestic context. Perhaps your children are growing up and you are seeking an opportunity to re-enter professional life? At Modern Cook, that experience as a family manager is treasured − you have proven your organisational skills and can easily place yourself in the shoes of other busy parents. You understand how family life so often revolves around the kitchen.

Your work fits your lifestyle: We offer the flexibility for people to work according to the level of commitment they can offer. If you only have limited hours but want to earn a little on the side, that’s fine. If you wish, you can also dedicate more time to building a career that can provide for you and your family. At Thermomix ®, dedication is the sole factor that determines financial profit.

Your hard work will be rewarded: At Modern Cook, you’ll work in a community of colleagues who recognise and appreciate your performance. As you become more successful, your income will also reflect this, though we also offer numerous other rewards for performance. Some of the incentives for star performers include jewellery and fantastic trips.

You can work when you want to: You can decide when you want to work and determine the hours you are able to commit to. Simply adapt your job as you wish as your situation changes.

We’re looking for a long-term working relationship: We’re committed to building a lasting partnership and offer the women and men who work as advisors a chance to view their careers over the long term. The job is built around your lifestyle and gives you the chance to shine during demonstrations. But while you can shine as an individual, we also strongly believe in teamwork and providing support, which means we will work to help you achieve success over the longer term.

Thermomix ® is a fantastic product and provides a great job: We know you’ll share our passion for Thermomix ®, and interesting activities, an attractive income and free training all make the position highly fulfilling.


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